Reading group

The Club litté is a friendship between books and friends, a unique opportunity to share litterary loves, without conceit, in simplicity !We read, we write, we have nice encounters.

With the Club litté, you will understand that loving books is not only reading (in our library !), but also writing (critics), listening (public reading, radio recordings), disocovering (museums), meeting (writers) and exchanging (« cafés littéraires »)

The Club litté, it’s also an acces to our modest library, 56 rue des St Pères, to borrow the favorite books of the club’s members, for two weeks.

Le Club litté, it’s aslo participating to the publication of our cycles of litterary critics, according our discovers, or according to the themes lauched by our readers.

Le Club litté, it’s also having access to the marvellous Revue XXI, having encounters with authors, going out to attend radio litterary programs’ recordings or to musuems on French litterature, setting up public readings during the the Journées Dédicaces, participating to the Concours nouvelles et poésies, and, last but not least, meet the Club litté’s members around a coffe at snack time.

During the first semester, the Club litté explore the links between litterature and cinema, with a succession of rendez-vous : thematic coffe encounter, meeting with authors and attendance to a radio emission recording. The  Club litté explore also the evolution of contemporary forms of writing, through different litterary genres (novel, short story, biography) and different styles, in the company of the club’s favorite authors !

Joining the club ? Easy task : participating to our events. Only two conditions : joining the BdA (« Bureau des Arts ») and make a gift to our library of one of your favorite books !

To get more information, contact Nicolas : nicolas@bdarts.og or join the Club litté on Facebook ! And know everything about our events !