Art Courses of the BdA

ACCA – Activités Créatrices, Culturelles et Artistiques

1st Semester of the Academic Year 2017-2018


As he does every semester, the BdA prepared for you a program of more than 20 courses, ranging from art history to woodcarving, to painting, beer culture, calligraphy and many others: you have only to choose!


► WHAT: If you have not chosen your favorite course, go to our course catalog below (table)
► MEMBERSHIP: You have to be a member of the BdA to have access to the registration. You can do it easily, you just have to CLICK HERE.There may be a delay between the time of your membership and your entry into the software that gives you access to the registration, just come back later !
► WHEN: Registration is open from August 28 to September 8
► HOW: to register, go to the Pumpkin registration platform , just CLICK HERE
► PAYMENT: The payment of the course is done on-line at the same time as the registration (the registration fees include the price of the course and the online payment commission)


If necessary, our team will be present in our office at the cafeteria of the 27th rue Saint Guillaume during the whole registration period, and in case of problems, contact us at or via our Facebook page.


Attention: The classes will begin the week of September 4, with a test session. After 8 September, the BdA will not make any refund during the semester. The classroom number will be sent to you once you have registered.

The registrations do not take place, unlike the sports activities of the AS, on your student space. Since Sciences Po’s administration has completely detached itself from the organization of the BdA’s art courses, these courses are not credited.


You can find the details of the courses in the following schedule :

Courses, Descriptions
Debating Workshop (English) Alice Bernard-Gairard 70 3 sessions of 4h 3 sessions of 4h: Saturday 10.15-16.45 16/09 ; 30/09 ; 25/10
Theatral Improvisation (French) Isabelle Quirin 50 Weekly Saturday 10.15-12.15
Theater Workshop (French) Antonio Labati 60 Weekly Wednesday 10.15-12-15
Critic of Contemporary Cinema  (French) Florence Benoist 60 Weekly Friday 17-19
Dance Contact Improvisation Geneviève Cron  60  3 sessions of 4h 3 sessions of 4h: Thursday 17 – 21.15  14/09 ; 21/09 ; 28/09
 Writing of short-film (French) Marc Gautron 70 Weekly Wednesday 19.15-21.15
Initiation to short-film (French) Raphael Neira 50 Weekly Wednesday 10.15-12.15
Choir of Sciences Po (French but also English and Russian for personal advices) Branislava Strizak 40 Weekly Thursday 19:15-21:15 Non selective auditions on the 7th and 14th of September
Orchestra of Sciences Po (French) Branislava Strizak 40 Weekly Tuesday 19:15-22:00 Selective Auditions on the 5th and 12th of September
Body and Voice in Public Speaking (French) Pierre Derycke  70 Weekly Monday 10.15-12.15
Laical Meditation (French) Mathieu Brégégère 60 Weekly Tuesday 17-19
The Culture of beer (French) Thomas Deck 80 Weekly Monday 17-19 Material included
Comparative Calligraphy  (French and English) Bahman Panahi 80 Weekly Thursday 14.45 – 16.45 Material included
Drawing – Saturday (French) Leopold Koukissa 80 Weekly Friday 14.45-16.45 Material included
Drawing – Friday (French) Leopold Koukissa 80 Weekly Friday 17-19 Material included
Painting – Monday (French) Sophie Lambert 150 Weekly Monday  19.30-21.30 Material included
At the Atelier Grenelle
Painting – Thursday (French) Sophie Lambert 150 Weekly Friday  19.15-21.15 Material IncludedAt the Atelier Grenelle
Introduction to photography (English) Marikel Lahana 60 Weekly Monday 12.30-14.30  Material included
Sculpture on Wood (French) Pier Esquilat 80 Weekly Monday 19.15-21.15 Material included
History of Jazz-music (French) Stéphane Carini 60 Weekly Friday 17-19
History of Art from Antiquity to Romanticism (French) Gérard Marié 60 Weekly Monday 17-19 Excursions included
History of Art from Romanticism to Nowadays (French) Gérard Marié 60 Weekly Thuesday 17-19 Excursions included
History of Contemporary Art (French) Gérard Marié 60 Weekly Wednesday 17-19 Excursions included
History of Architecture 1860s-today (French) Gérard Marié 60 Weekly Monday 14.15-16.45
French Music in the 20th Century (French) Nathan Markowitz 60 Weekly Tuesday 19.15-21.15
Initiation to Hip-Hop Culture (French) Thierry Martinvalet 60 Weekly Wednesday 12.30-14.30
Creative writing workshop (French) Anouk Cape 60 Weekly Tuesday 12.30-14.30
Histoires de Photographie / Art et Média (French) Team of the Jeu de Paume  50 See the description See the description  You have access to cycles 1&3 of the Jeu de Paume museum. Send an email for information to