Courses of the BDA

ACCA – Activités Créatrices, Culturelles et Artistiques

1st Semester of the Academic Year 2016-2017


You can register to our classes online on our website .

You have to get your membership in order to register to one of the courses. You can do it online at the same time when you register. (You can also pay your membership cash or by French check named to “Bureau des Arts de Sciences Po” during the time of registration at the office of the BDA, our team will be there to help you)

Courses will start from Week 2 until Week 13, it means that they will start on the 5th of September 2016
Rooms and further informations will be sent to you per mail after registration.
Please note that most of the courses take place at Sciences Po, and their format is 2hours/week during 12 weeks, but some of them are Seminars of 4 time 3hours.

You can find here and download the courses catalog.

*Please note:
The administration of Sciences Po doesn’t look after the courses of the BDA anymore. It means that the courses won’t be creditated anymore.

If you enconter any problem with the registration online, don’t hesitate to contact us or to come to our office (27, rue St Guillaume, downstairs) or per mail:

You can find the details of the courses in the following schedule :

Courses, Descriptions
French Style Debating (English) Alice Bernard-Gairard 60 Hebdomadal Monday 19:15-21:15
Theatral Improvisation (French) Isabelle Quirin 40 Seminar 4 x 3h Saturday 12:30-14:30 17th et 24th September

1st October

26th November

Theater Workshop (French) Antonio Labati 40 Hedbomadal Tuesday 19:15-21:15
The World of the Opera (French) Augustin Lecoutour 60 Hebdomadal Friday 14:45-16:45 Excursion included
Influence of Cinema on Visual Art  (French) Laetitia Kugler 50 Hebdomadal Tursday 12:30-14:30
Critic of Contemporary Cinema  (French) Florence Benoist 50 Hebdomadal Monday 12:30-14:30
 Analyse of Contemporary Cinema  (French) Florence Benoist 50 Hebdomadal Wednesday 10:15-12:15
 Writing of short film (French) Marc Gautron 60 Hebdomadal Tuesday 19:15-21:15
Initiation to short film (French) Raphael Neira 40 Hebdomadal Monday 10:15-12:15
Choir of Sciences Po (French) Branislava Strizak 40 Hebdomadal Thursday 19:15-21:15 Not-selectives auditions on the 1st of and on the 7th of September from 19:15 to 21:15
Orchestra of Sciences Po (French) Branislava Strizak 40 Hebdomadal Wednesday 19:15-21:15 Selectiv Auditions on the 30th of August and on the 6th of September at the same time as the course /!\ No registration online /!\
Body and Voice in Public Speaking (French) Pierre Derycke  60 Hebdomadaire Wednesday 10:15-12:15
 Laical Meditation (French) Mathieu Brégégère 50 Hebdomadal Saturday 10:15-12:15
Beer-culture (French) Thomas Deck 80 Hebdomadal Tuesday 17:00-19:00 Material included
History of Photography (French)

Jeu de Paume

Sabine Thiriot 50 Hebdomadal Thursday 19:00-21:00 /!\ Only 10 places /!\
No inscription online, please send us an email:sarah.dalisson@sciencespo.frTitle of your email has to be “Registration Courses Jeu de PaumeJoin the justification of membership in enclosure
 Comparative Calligraphy (French and English) Brahman Pahani 70 Hebdomadal Thursday 14:45-16:45 Material included
 Calligraphy Module 2 (French and English) Brahman Pahani 70 Hebdomadal Wednesday 14:45-16:45 Material included
Drawing – Saturday (French) Leopold Koukissa 70 Hebdomadal Saturday 12:30-14:30 Material included
Drawing – Friday (French) Leopold Koukissa 70 Hebdomadal Friday 17:00-19:00 Material included
Painting – Monday (French) Sophie Lambert 150 Hebdomadal Monday 19:30-21:30 Material included
At the Atelier Grenelle
Painting – Thursday (French) Sophie Lambert 150 Hebdomadal Thursday 19:15-21:15 Material Included

At the Atelier Grenelle

Introduction to Photography (English) Marikel Lahana 60 Hebdomadal Monday 17:00-19:00
Sculpture on Wood (French) Pier Esquilat 80 Hebdomadal Thursday 19:15-21:15 Material included
History of Jazz-music (French) Stéphane Carini 50 Hebdomadal Friday 17:00-19:00
History of Art, from Antiquity to Romanticism (French) Gérard Marié 50 Hebdomadal Wednesday 17:00-19:00 Excursions included
History of Art, from Romanticism to Nowadays (French) Gérard Marié 50 Hebdomadal Thursday 17:00-19:00 Excursions included
History of Contemporary Art (French) Gérard Marié 50 Hebdomadal Friday 17:00-19:00 Excursions included
French Music in the 20th century (French) Nathan Markowitz and Clément Le Gall 50 Hebdomadal Wednesday 19h15-21h15
Initiation to Hip-Hop culture (French) Nas Ty – M. Martinvalet 50 Hebdomadal Thursday 12:30-14:30
Writer Workshop (English) Earlwyn Covington 50 Hebdomadal Wednesday 8:00-10:00