What is the BDA?


The Bureau des Arts is one of the five permanent associations of Sciences Po. His mission is to animate the cultural life on and off campus. It organizes multiple events throughout the year and makes it easy for students to access the Parisian cultural scene.


This year, our team intends to pursue a reflexion on the limits of arts, as a theme to guide his year, projects and reflexions on art. This theme will be explored through the different events organized by the association.

Around this theme, we want to build a unity, and at the same time open ourselves to everyone (in and out Sciences Po) and to creation in particular!


EVENTS / Throughout the year, the BdA offers you three opportunities to gather around one art or another!

  • Journée des Auteurs – Authors’ day/ The literary event of Sciences Po, meeting with author, conferences…
  • Semaine du Cinéma – Cinema Week/ One theme linked to cinema, with screenings, panels…
  • Semaine des Arts – Arts Week/ One issue related to contemporary art, and exhibitions, talks…


CLUBS Lectures, Screenings, guided-tours, masterclasses, exhibitions, concert… clubs offer numerous activities throughout the year related to the main artistic domains.


PERFORMING ARTS / Because art is also practice, the BdA offers school’s talents many opportunities to shine, with two musicals a year, a jazz band, a classical choir and orchestra, and even an a capella choir.


ACTIVITES / At the service of the students first and foremost, the BdA is willing to the doors of Parisian cultural life, and to develop spaces of contact with art within the school!

  • Ticket Service / The BdA’s ticket service offers many of discounts on tickets for several Parisian cultural events such as plays, operas, ballets, concerts… throughout all the year or during flash sales. Seize the opportunity to go to La Comédie Française, l’Opéra de Paris or Le Théâtre de la Ville to attend wonderful performances!
  • Art Courses / The BdA offers a large panel of arts courses taught by professionals, in addition to Sciences Po’s academic offer, from art history to photography, drawing or theater classes.
  • L’Artichaut / Follow the news of the cultural life on L’Artichaut, the online media of the BdA. Discover interviews, playlists and reviews on artichaut-magazine.fr.


JOIN US if you want to benefit from all the services the Bureau des Arts offers! Do so online, or come to see us in our super-chill office on the 27 rue Saint-Guillaume !

More than ever in the academic year 2017-2018, thanks to OUR PARTERS, the Bureau des Arts is culturally yours.